Modular Healthcare Containers

Making diagnostic imaging systems accessible with our modular container solutions. A cost effective, mobile, durable, and flexible solution to bring imaging to places where it once was unaffordable and unattainable. MedBays is a simplified and turn-key solution to expanding medical imaging capabilities around the world.

What is MedBays?

MedBays is a modular container solution that can host a variety of imaging and clinical modalities. MedBays solutions can be designed as single or multiple containers. We offer our container solutions with self-contained imaging suites built inside a modified shipping container.

MedBays Solutions can be used in a variety of ways. The idea was initially focused on underserved areas, war torn regions, and third world countries. However, our customers have developed a myriad of ways in which a MedBays Solution can be used including: mobile imaging services; expansion of facilities; interim nursing stations, and more.


MedBays Solutions are extremely flexible. With the onboard power generators that we use, these imaging suites can be placed virtually anywhere.

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MedBays container video: